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2017 End of Summer Art Exhibition  

Saturday 19th- Monday 28th August 10am-5pm daily
Free Entry

Rendezvous Cafe open daily from 11am-4pm for light lunch, snacks and beverages.


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Further info: Jenny Mynett 07956 310884 or email


Talks, Workshops and Conversations

What Catches you?

A series of talks and workshops are being held alongside the Art Exhibition:

Sat 19th August 3pm - Why is the Teifi valley the best kept secret of Arthurian legends? 

Sun 20th August 7pm - Sacred Geometry

Mon 21st August 3pm - The Quiet Life within

Tues 22nd August 3pm - Experimental Word Painting

Tues 22nd August 7pm - Being More Creative

Weds 23rd August 3pm - Nature's Healing Energies

Weds 23rd August 7pm - The Relationship of Sound in Music

Thurs 24th August 3pm - The Wonder of Life

Thurs 24th August 7pm - Colour and Wellbeing

Fri 25th August 7pm - Cafe Gallery Artists Talk

Sun 27th August 3pm - The Love of Glass

Further Details

Why is the Teifi Valley the best kept secret of Arthurian Legends? Martin Pilkington has spent many years researching the Arthurian legends and the Teifi valley and is amazed by the number of little known links to Arthurian legend there are in this area of Wales. Come and join him on an intriguing journey to discover the significance of legends for today. Saturday , August 19th, 3pm.

Sacred Geometry. Viv Mullett (Artist) There are certain natural laws that determine how living things grow and form up. Some are more apparent to our eyes than others, and this presentation will look at two in particular: the Fibonacci number sequence and the Golden Section. They conform to mathematical principles that provide a blueprint for growth while at the same time imparting a sense of harmony in form, inspiring many artists, architects, philosophers and others from ancient cultures to modern times.  Sunday, August 20th, 7pm.

The Quiet Life Within - Rosamon Rolleston. There's that moment when you need tocome to something in your mind, or you're weighing up a decision and you can't quite get to it, so you put the kettle on or go out for a walk or do something in the garden adn then suddenly out of the blue you get an insight or a realisation. It's as though once the busy driving organising life of us has a break, another life inside can be heard and felt.  What is this quiet inner life? Can we be available to listen to it, simple be with it more often?  Come and share some experiences with us, join us in some simple contemplations, to bring us perhaps closer to the quiet steady intelligent life within each of us, and find some daily techniques to practise  that may allow this companionship to flourish. Monday, August 21st, 3pm.

Experimental Word Painting - Sally Hayes. Some of you may  know the work of poet and writer Owen Sheers. In his first book of poetry, "The Blue Book" he wrote four small poems in response to the paintings of four different artists. Come and join me and we'll read these together and see if we can make our own poems or word paintings in response to one or two works of your choice from the Art Exhibition.  It will be an experimental adventure with words and feelings. You do not have to be an experienced writer, simple be open to delive in, splash about and see what might come out.  Tuesday, August 22nd, 3pm.

Being More Creative- Jackie Henshall (Glass Artist). I find creativitiy to be like a wild bird. I try to coax it nearer, my hands stretche dout with small offerings, an unusual chunk of melted glass, or a line up of colours I have not used before.  Sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn't.  More and more I wonder what it is, where it originates, and what are the conditions it might require to make it's home not just in my studio but in my life. You are invited to join me in a conversation about creativity, it's ways and mysteries, with a focus upon how to attract more of it. Tuesday, August 22nd 7pm

Natures's Healing Energies - Christine Sivyer (Bach Flower Practitioner). An exploration through Bach flower remedies of the wonders of the planet's healing energies.  Rescue remedy is the world's most popular homeopathic medicine.. but how is it made?  How can it work?  What does that tells us about the unseen life of the planet.  Where might it develop in the future?  Wednesday, August 23rd 3pm.

The Relationship of Sound in Music - Tim Milward. A journey through the physics of sound, at a simple level, starting with the sine wave and it's relationship with the circle, through to how sounds interact with each other, harmonics, intervals, scales and temperaments.  This will be a relaxed and entertaining talk with some audio and visual demonstrations and will offer some insight into how a bit of science can add another dimension to art. Wednesday, August 23rd, 7pm.

The Wonder of Life - Tim Greenslade.  A live rendering about the wonder and value of life, looking from both the senses of wonder, awe and ponder, coming from how it turns up in the speaker trying to look anew at the fact of being here, alive now, for a brief time in this minute portion of the Universe, where organic life can happen and does in an incredible variety and richness. A short step back from all the extras and ponder the simple fact of life and being alive. Thursday, August 24th 3pm

Colour and Well Being - Judie Coull has worked in complementary medicine since 1983 using flower essences, homeopathy and healing with colour.  Colour is a wonderful richness that adds so much to our health and well being and works on the principle that the body has what we could call a fuelling system of certain energies that are connected to all the body parts, organs and systems. So even if we don't realise it, colour is nourishing us all the time.  When we get depleted, replenishment can come from all colours of the spectrum, depending on which one is lacking. Thursday, August 24th, 7pm.

Cafe Gallery Artists Talk  The cafe gallery was set up 3 years ago by Waunifor volunteers to encourage both professional artists and complete beginners to work together creating art pieces around chosen topics, with the emphasis always on the process of discovery rather than the final result.  We invite you to come and join us to talk about some pieces in our current exhibition, "Transmission", what inspired them and what we discovered about transmission in the making of them. Friday, August 25th, 7pm.

The Love of Glass - Jackie Henshall has been working with kiln formed glass for the last 7 years, inspired again and again by the way glass is transformed inside a kiln.  This is short talk about the history of the kiln formed glass and some of the joys and challenges of this particular form of art with a demonstration of how a lace bowl is created, the different steps and processes. Sunday, August 27th, 3pm


Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are now suspended throughout August and will commence again on Saturday 2nd September

Saturday from 9.30-10.30 £6 per class (run by Ann Inshaw, Tel 07826 692110)



Pottery and Craft workshops are arranged according to demand. If you would like a session learning Pottery 'throwing on the wheel', Felt making, Mosaics, Glass painting, Bead making, Card making, Jewellery making or crazy mosaics please contact us.